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The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, but despite that, we are all adapting to the new normal in these unprecedented times. We have embraced the new protocols and transitioned our operations back to a steadfast level, without compromising the safety of our Thousand Miles community - our customers, partners, friends, and the people who work at Thousand Miles Global. 


We’ve returned to business as usual and we’re hitting the ground running. The Thousand Miles team has resumed fulfilling orders at full-speed while maintaining safe and clean surroundings, staying in compliance with guidelines, while ensuring you get your items as soon as possible. 


Thousand Miles engages 3rd party (both major & minor) courier services such as DHL, USPS, CAD Post (amongst many others) globally, and while we constantly strive to stay on top of our game and dispatch the parcels on time, there are still certain countries/areas that are still experiencing delays. We’re consistently ensuring as smooth as possible of a delivery process, but please do expect a slight delay in receiving your parcel as areas and countries try to adapt to the new normal in the best way possible. 

Below are helpful links for your reference, with statements from a few of our major delivery partners:



We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everybody that is standing by us and still support businesses like us. We will continue growing and improving to serve the community better and become a brand that everybody is proud of. We would also like to remind the community that the only way we will get through this is together!

Stay safe and take care.

Sincerely yours,

The Thousand Miles Global team.